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Why Choose Chiropractic For Neck Pain?

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Chiropractic restores mobility

Chiropractors use their hands to make spinal adjustments, along with massage, traction and exercise, to properly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure. These chiropractic adjustments restore mobility to joints, caused perhaps by falling over, a car accident, a sports injury or repetitive stress.

Study on Neck Pain

In a study published in the British Medical Journal, 183 patients with neck pain were randomly allocated either chiropractic treatment (with massage, exercise and education), physiotherapy (mainly exercise) or general practitioner care (drugs, counseling and education) in a 52-week study. The clinical outcome showed that chiropractic adjustments resulted in faster recovery than physiotherapy and general practitioner care.

See your Chiropractor for neck pain, if…

  • The pain or stiffness does not improve after a few days
  • You cannot look to the right or left without pain
  • You feel that you must use over-the-counter pain medication just to get through the day and are using it regularly to treat your neck pain
  • Your pain started in the neck, but has moved to numbness or tingling in your hands
  • Your neck pain is worse when you first wake up in the morning, but begins to feel a little better as the day progresses
  • You have frequent headaches associated with your neck pain

Chiropractic Help

Doctors of Chiropractic help people every day, naturally, without medication or surgery. If you would like to know whether chiropractic care could help you, please get in touch with us at Lagos Health Chiropractic Clinic.

Text Neck or Tech Neck: It’s Time To Be Careful

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We see them in restaurants waiting for their Cataplana de Peixe, in the coffee shops waiting for their Pastel de Nata and in the Finanças waiting to pay for something – people who seem inseparable from their mobile devices!

Heads down, shoulders hunched, you can see them, young and old, texting or scrolling through their messages on social media. Keeping the head and shoulders in this position for prolonged periods can lead to what is now commonly called ‘text neck’ (the Americans call it ‘tech neck’).

But what causes it and how can it be alleviated?

  • Pain In The Neck: One of the main signs of text neck is a stiff or aching neck, caused by spending too much time with the neck in a downward position while looking at the phone or laptop. We tell our patients to try to hold their phone in such a way so as they won’t be tilting their head down as much. Gentle neck stretches may also help.
  • Shouldering The Burden: In addition to neck pain, the other tell-tale sign is shoulder pain. Many people hunch their shoulders while holding onto their phone and texting. We suggest giving your shoulders a rest by stretching them out periodically and practicing gentle forward and backward shoulder rolls.
  • Headaches: Headaches can be common, either from tilting the head down to look at the phone display or having the head too far forward over the shoulders while reading from a tablet or laptop. Try to lift your phone up to eye level or re-adjust your sitting position.

Chiropractic care has long been proven to help relieve neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. If you’re in pain, come and see us at Lagos Health Chiropractic…we’re in the big, pink building just across the road from the Lidl Supermarket in Lagos. Or call us on +351 282 768 044.

Chiropractic Care of the Upper Back

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There are many sources of dysfunction in the upper back (thoracic spine), especially when we consider the numerous joints and the interlacing of muscles that comprise the thoracic spine and rib cage.

Thoracic Spine

The mid and upper back is known as the thoracic spine. It’s the largest portion of the spine, consisting of 12 of the 24 spinal bones (vertebrae). By comparison, the neck (the cervical spine) has 7 vertebrae, while the lower back (the lumbar spine) has 5 vertebrae. All of the thoracic vertebrae are connected to your ribs by cartilage and together protect the thorax – hence the name, thoracic spine.


In addition to the many joints and bones that comprise the thoracic spine, there’s also a network of interwoven and layered muscles that stabilize and move the spine, aid in respiration and allow you to move your shoulders and arms. Therefore, if one muscle or joint becomes injured or inflamed, it can lead to a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Upper Back Pain

Upper-back pain is a phenomenon that affects all age groups. Yet, while common, it seems to receive far less attention than neck pain and lower back pain. Furthermore, there’s less research carried out on the identification and treatment of mid- and upper-back pain compared to that of the neck and lower back.

However, you’ll be pleased to hear that chiropractors know all about upper back pain, so if you’re suffering at the moment, call +351 282 768 044 or pop in and see us. We’re next door to the coffee shop in the big pink building on the other side of the Lidl roundabout in Lagos.

Cuidados quiropráticos da parte superior das costas

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Existem muitas razões de disfunção na parte superior das costas (coluna torácica), especialmente quando consideramos o numero de articulações e o entrelaçamento de músculos que compõem a coluna torácica e a caixa torácica.

A parte média e superior das costas é conhecida como coluna torácica. É a maior porção da coluna vertebral, constituída por 12 das 24 vértebras. Em comparação, o pescoço (coluna cervical) tem 7 vértebras, enquanto a parte inferior das costas (coluna lombar) tem 5 vértebras. Todas as vértebras torácicas estão conectadas às suas costelas por cartilagem que em conjunto, protegem o tórax – daí o nome da coluna torácica.

Além das muitas articulações e ossos que compõem a coluna torácica, há também uma rede de músculos entrelaçados e em camadas que estabilizam e movem a coluna vertebral, ajudam na respiração e permitem que você movimente os ombros e braços. Portanto, se lesionar ou irritar um músculo ou uma articulação, isso pode provocar muita dor e desconforto.

A dor na coluna torácica é um fenômeno que afeta todas as faixas etárias. No entanto, e embora comum, parece receber muito menos atenção do que a dor no pescoço e dor na coluna lombar. Além disso, há menos pesquisas realizadas sobre a identificação e tratamento de dores na torácica, em comparação com a do pescoço e ou lombar.

No entanto, fique satisfeito ao saber que os quiropráticos conhecem tudo sobre dor nas coluna torácica, então, se neste momento está a sofrer, ligue para +351 282 768 044 ou visite-nos. Estamos ao lado do café no prédio grande, rosa do outro lado da rotunda do Lidl em Lagos.

Happy New Year and a Happy New You…with Good Posture

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What does good posture mean to you? Head up, shoulders back, chest out? Along with your bottom tucked under and a mild tightening of your abdominals, your mum was probably right when she nagged you about standing up straight.

Prevent back and neck pain

Your posture plays a key role in your spinal health, helping to prevent back and neck pain and even injuries to spinal structures. In any event, even if you have a spinal condition, try to be aware of your posture and make good posture part of your normal routine.

If you suffer from back pain, you may be consciously or subconsciously adopting an unnatural posture to try to limit movements that you fear will create potential pain. Unless there’s a fracture or other serious problem, try not to take on an unnatural or stiff posture.

Warning signs of poor posture

Be on the lookout for any of the following possible warning signs of poor posture:

  • Back pain that’s worse at certain times of the day or week
  • Pain that starts in the neck and moves downwards into the upper back, lower back and extremities
  • Pain that goes away after switching positions while sitting or standing
  • Sudden back pain that’s experienced with a new bed, a new sofa or a new car

If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs, take note of your posture and seek professional help. At Lagos Health Chiropractic Clinic we can identify and treat your problem and advise you on the best way to manage any symptoms. Call us on +351 282 768 044.

Happy New Year…and a Happy New You!

The Chiropractic Care Christmas Alphabet

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Dickie Valentine sang about something similar in the 1950’s. If you remember the tune, you can sing along…you’ll notice that we’ve changed the words a bit!

C is for your Chiropractor, sorting out your ills,

H is for the Headaches that come from taking pills.

R is for your Reflexes that Doctor Wen will test,

I is for Impingement of your nerves that mean that you move less.

S is for your Spine and vital Spinal cord,

T is for the Treatment that to miss, you can’t afford. 

M is for your Muscles that you pull and stretch and strain, 

A is for the Aches that give excruciating pain. 

S is for old Santa who’ll need Doctor Wen’s support, after sliding down the chimney on December 24th.

As you know, chiropractic care has been proven to help with all types of musculoskeletal pain, including low back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain, so make it a New Year’s Resolution to come and see us at Lagos Health. Remember, it’s important to take good care of your spine because it supports your weight, holds you upright, allows movements in your body and, most importantly, protects your spinal cord and nerves.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year from Dr Wen and her team at Lagos Health Chiropractic.

Backpacks…And How To Prevent Back Pain In Children

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Summer 2017 was the busiest ever at Lagos Health Chiropractic…Dr Wen and her team helped more holidaymakers with back and neck pain than ever before. We also saw plenty of golfers struggling with shoulder and elbow pain.

Heading into autumn, we will certainly see more golfers…and probably a few school children walking through our door!

Avoid heavy backpacks to prevent back pain in children

The cause of pain for the children often comes from overloaded backpacks. Although the back is pretty good at compensating for any load applied to it for an extended period of time, extra-heavy backpacks can:

  • Distort the natural curves in your child’s middle and lower backs, causing muscle strain and irritation to the spine joints and rib cage.
  • Pull on the neck muscles, contributing to headaches, shoulder pain, lower back pain and/or neck and arm pain.

Remember too that carrying backpacks over one shoulder will make your child’s muscles strain to compensate for the uneven weight. The spine leans to the opposite side, putting extra stress on the middle and lower back more on one side than the other, leading to muscle strain, muscle spasm and back pain.

So here are a couple of tips to help prevent pain:

  • Always use both shoulder straps and wear the backpack on the back, rather than over one shoulder.
  • Lift the backpack by using the leg muscles, not by bending over with arms extended.
  • Do not lean forward when walking. If you have to, there is too much weight in the backpack.

If your youngster comes home from school complaining of back pain, come and see us at Lagos Health Chiropractic…we’re in the big, pink building by the Lidl supermarket in Lagos. Or call us on +351 282 768 044.

Low Back Pain – Don’t Let It Slow You Down – Choose Chiropractic

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Back Pain – many episodes of low back pain are caused by damage to the muscles or ligaments in the lower back, leading to inflammation and muscle spasm, which results in severe pain and you subsequently having difficulty moving.

low back pain

Low Back Pain – Common Causes

The usual culprits are either lifting a heavy object such as your suitcase, lifting something while twisting, or a sudden movement or fall. Sports injuries are also a frequent cause of back pain, especially with those sports that involve twisting, such as surfing, golf and tennis. Losing your footing on the uneven cobbles in Lagos town centre, or being hit by a large wave while paddling in the ocean, can also cause problems, as many of our patients will testify.

Low Back Pain – The Chiropractic Solution

Spinal manipulation and chiropractic care is well documented as a safe, effective treatment for low back pain.

Do Chiropractors Really Help?

By incorporating specific gentle chiropractic adjustments of your spine to get your joints moving again, along with some deep tissue massage to help loosen those tight lower back muscles, we help lots of patients with these typical ‘holidaymaker’ injuries mentioned above.

Effective Quick Fix Until You Come In To See Us

We can usually fit you in on the same day you call…but until you can get to our clinic, try these two things for temporary relief:

·       Place ice or a cold pack on the area for 10 minutes every hour to reduce inflammation.

·       Take anti-inflammatory medication (such as ibuprofen) to also help reduce any inflammation.

Remember, if you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain (in fact, any kind of musculoskeletal pain), come and see us at Lagos Health Chiropractic. Or call us to make an appointment on +351 282 768 044.

Dor Nas Costas – Não deixe que a dor nas costas o ponham em baixo

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Muitos episódios de dor nas costas e dor-nas-costasdor lombar são causados ​​por danos nos músculos ou ligamentos na parte inferior das costas, levando a inflamação e espasmos musculares, o que resulta em dor severa e, posteriormente, tem dificuldade em se mover.

Dor Nas Costas – Causas Comuns

Culpamos de levantar um objeto pesado, como uma mala, levantando-a e ao mesmo tempo torcendo o corpo, ou um movimento súbito ou queda. As lesões desportivas também são uma causa frequente de dor nas costas, especialmente quando o desporto envolve torção, como surf, golfe e tênis. Encalhar com o pé nos paralelepípedos irregulares na cidade, ou ser atingido por uma grande onda quando vai nadar à praia, também pode causar problemas, como muitos dos nossos pacientes testemunham.

Dor Nas Costas – A Solução

Fazer ajustamentos quiropráticos suaves específicos da coluna vertebral para que suas articulações se movam de novo, juntamente com algumas massagens profundas para ajudar a relaxar os músculos da parte inferior das costas, ajudamos muitos pacientes com essas lesões típicas de “férias”. Normalmente, podemos marcar no mesmo dia em que você liga … mas até que possa chegar à nossa clínica, experimente estas duas coisas para alívio temporário:

  • Coloque gelo ou um pacote frio na área durante 10 minutos a cada hora para reduzir a inflamação.
  • Tome medicamentos anti-inflamatórios (como o ibuprofeno) para ajudar a reduzir qualquer inflamação.

Lembre-se, se você está sofrendo de dores nas costas, dor no pescoço, dor no ombro (de fato, qualquer tipo de dor musculoesquelética), venha nos ver na Lagos Health Quiroprática. Ou ligue para marcar uma consulta no +351 282 768 044.

My sciatica is playing up…will chiropractic care make it better?

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Research has shown that chiropractic treatment is certainly effective for sciatica.

In the last few months, we’ve had lots of patients coming into our Algarve clinic complaining of sciatica pain, either due to too much golf, too much gardening at their villas, or other strenuous activities…and we do tend to do a bit more when the Algarve weather is so lovely!

When sciatica flares up, it is helpful to know what can be done to alleviate the pain and stay active.

What Causes Sciatica and Leg Pain

The term ‘sciatica’ is used to describe pain that radiates down the sciatic nerve, which starts from each side of the lower back, extends down the back of the thigh and into the foot. It’s caused by compression of nerve roots in the lower part of the spine, which merge together to form the sciatic nerve in the pelvis.

The pain from sciatica can be severe, and it can also be very sharp. It may be associated with numbness, burning or tingling sensations.Sciatica and leg pain

Chiropractic Care For Sciatica

As you may know, chiropractors use their hands to gently adjust the part of the spine that is misaligned and causing the pain. Once the skeletal joints are moving freely, you will experience less joint irritation and less inflammation.

Ice Pack At Home

For sciatica pain, you can use an ice pack (or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel) and place it over the lower back, as that is where the sciatic nerve is usually pinched. Keep it in place for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat each hour for three or four hours.

Remember though that there are other causes of pain in the leg that may not actually be ‘sciatica’. Therefore, get ANY pain checked out by Dr Wen at Lagos Health Chiropractic. Call the clinic on +351 282 768 044 to make an appointment.

You can also check the other blog pages on our website for articles on all sorts of health issues, plus you can get health tips, chiropractic news and some fun things to make you smile by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Lagos Health Chiropractic Blogs can help ease your Back and Neck Pain in the Algarve, but an actual visit will help even more


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