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Chiropractic or Massage…Which Is Best For Me?

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Here at Lagos Health Chiropractic, we are often asked by patients whether we think chiropractic or massage would be the best choice for them.

To be honest, the answer is usually a combination of the two…but why?

Your muscles attach to your bones and, whether or not they are tight and contracted, are controlled by nerves. If bones don’t move, the muscles will have no reason to lengthen. But how do you know if your bones are moving properly?

  • First of all, is the motion in your neck restricted when you look at the ceiling?
  • When you try to look round while driving, do you have to rely on your mirrors because your neck is too stiff?

If you answered yes to both questions, then the problem stems from a skeletal issue and so chiropractic would be your best choice.

tingling or numbness in hands? See your chiropractor!Do you ever have tingling or numbness in your fingers or toes? Do you have referred pain down an arm or leg? These things point toward an issue with your nerves and so your problem needs chiropractic attention.

Massage is a wonderful thing. It stimulates blood flow and just the simple act of someone touching you is relaxing. But does it correct the underlying cause?

Actually, no! The reason your muscles are too contracted is often much more complex than a simple muscle issue. It often relates to poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle.

When faced with the choice of chiropractic or massage, go to a chiropractor first to get your spine moving better and then supplement that work with a soothing, cozy and comforting massage.

If you’d like to know more, or make an appointment, contact Lagos Health on +351 282 768 044.

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