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Principal Chiropractor Dr. Adam Rich

Lagos Health Principal Chiropractor Dr Adam Rich

Having nearly 20 years experience as a chiropractor, Dr Adam Rich (DC) is passionate about solving and improving back and neck pain.

He has owned four chiropractic clinics in the UK, including one of the first in the country to deliver chiropractic care on behalf of the National Health Service.

As an appointed Royal College of Chiropractors trainer, Adam has tutored new graduates in their first year of practice.

He also won a British Chiropractic Association award.

Adam and his family spent time living in Australia before moving to the Algarve in August 2018.

His interests include cycling, golf, sailing, surfing and spending quality time with his wife and two children.

Chiropractic Assistant Eugènia Neves

Lagos Health Chiropractic Assistant Eugènia

Eugènia has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for over 20 years and has a true passion for the profession. She benefits from regular treatment herself to maintain good health and prevent aches, pains and injuries from occurring during her day to day life. She has worked with many practitioners over the years, so has a well-rounded view on how chiropractic can benefit everyone.

She has lived in Johannesburg, where she was part of a health insurance team, and worked in London where she was a Chiropractic Assistant to several Chiropractors.

Eugènia is a proud grandmother and took her grandson to visit a Chiropractor when he was just 8 months old...this was for a check up to make sure all his developmental milestones had been hit and no problems had occurred since birth and the first few months of life.

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